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From Kyoto to Sustainability
New challenges for the 21st century

Louise O. Fresco


Position paper, Global Colloquium of University Presidents

New York University, November 28-29, 2007


Download pdf: From Kyoto to Sustainability: new challenges for the 21st century

Meer informatie: website New York University


The Global Colloquium is a growing network of international university presidents
who contribute through research and teaching and other activities to the solution of global
public policy problems, in the hope of generating useful discussion and frank advice that
will assist the Secretary-General and the United Nations. The colloquium is sponsored by
the presidents of NYU, Columbia, Yale, Princeton, and the University of Pennsylvania,
and the president emeritus of Harvard University.

This year’s attendance includes over 50 university presidents and faculty experts
representing 27 institutions from around the world.